A hopeful New Year. 

Being You

I‘m learning to envelope positivity, gradually. I‘ve changed as a person over the past few years. I’ve become optimistic and kinder. I’ve learnt to eliminate negativity and accept life, the way it is. I’ve begun to adore nature and people, more than I ever have! The key to positivity is HOPE, never let go of it. Life is beautiful- the sooner you realize it, the better because

“Life is just a precious minute baby,

Open your eyes and see it baby,

Give yourself a better chance,

Because time will pass you

Right on by..”

A piece of myself from 2015:It is the 1st of January, 2015- THE BIG FAT (cool, happening, happy, joyful) NEW YEAR. What is so new about this day? When everybody seems jovial, and happy about being able to buy a new calendar, I’m sitting here, reading some novel, of which I…

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